This week, we’ve been looking at our favorite tech gifts, with guides for devices for gifts under $100 and from $100-199. Today, we’re going to round out the guides with gifts for when you feel like splurging, with price points above $200. Just like with our other guides, we recommend you search your favorite online (and offline) stores, because these devices often go on sale around the holidays.


  1. Ecobee 3 Starter Bundle, $313. We’ve featured the Ecobee 3 smart thermostat in both our Thermostat Tearsheet and first episode of CRTv, with good reason – it’s one of our favorite smart thermostats. It’s got a large, easy-to-read screen, works with a variety of hubs and voice-assistants, and looks great on your wall. But our favorite feature is the Lil’ Bee room sensors, which allow you to extend the sensing capabilities of your thermostat beyond just the room in which the thermostat is installed. This means the Ecobee can sense when you’re in a room away from the thermostat, and adjust your heating/cooling needs to bring comfort to that room. For $313, you get the Ecobee and 3 Lil’ Bees.
  2. Netatmo Presence, $299. Netatmo is another one of our favorite companies, with a great lineup of security, air quality, and weather smart devices. We love the Presence, an outdoor security camera, which is simple to install, includes free video storage (in a variety of methods), and an great app for viewing footage. It can identify if a person, animal, or car is detected, as well as reports in real time so you know what’s going on outside your property, all the time.
  3. SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit, $249. The SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit is a great start for simple sensing within your home. It comes with a SmartThings hub (which can control more than just SmartThings devices), two multipurpose sensors for doors/cabinets, a motion sensor, and an outlet. You don’t have to just monitor with these sensors – you can use them to trigger lights (such as turning on a bedroom light when the bedroom door is opened), arm and disarm security, and more. SmartThings works with Alexa and Google Home, making these voice assistants compatible with any device that works connects to the SmartThings hub.