Yesterday, we featured some great tech gifts that cost no more than $99. Today, we’ve upped the ante. Note again we’ve provided the suggested retail price, but shop around and you’re sure to find some great deals.

Gifts between 100 and 199 dollars


Netatmo Weather Station

The somewhat oddly-named Netatmo Weather Station (only half of it provides weather data) is a $149 home data powerhouse. The indoor module tracks air quality, CO2 levels, sound, temperature, and humidity; the outdoor module keeps an eye on temperature, humidity, air quality, and barometric pressure. Home health monitoring doesn’t get any easier than this.

Amazon Echo

Yes, the Amazon Echo ($179, but frequently on sale) is cool all on its own, allowing you to control it with just your voice. “Do I need an umbrella today?,” “what time is the Bears game this Sunday?,” and “how many cups in a pint?” are questions it can answer with aplomb. But it’s the compatibility with devices from Philips, Belkin, Samsung, and Wink that make the Echo a slam dunk for home automation.

Canary Security System

There’s no shortage of home security cameras on the market, but the Canary ($199) is a favorite of CRT Labs. It has all the things you’d expect (night vision, motion detection, a 1080p HD camera), as well as some things that are nice surprises (air quality and ambient light detection).

August Smart Lock

Lock and unlock your door, issue virtual keys to guests, and find out who’s coming or going into your house with the August Smart Lock ($199).